Our cellar is dug into natural rock in such a way that the wine moves successively deeper into the cellar as it goes from grape to bottling.

The wine-making process we use for our grapes follows the traditions of our ancestors. White varieties of grape are made into wine in the same way as red.

Maceration: white varieties 4 to 10 days, red varieties 10 to 20 days. During maceration we do not cool the grape solids and we do not use enzymes. Fermentation: without cooling and without added sulfites, in barrels of 225 to 2000 liters, in an underground wine cellar. Wine yeasts: we use exclusively autochthonous yeasts, without the addition of selected strains. Aging: in used oaken barrels (225-2000 l). The wine is kept on sediments and without sulfites until the first decanting. Time of aging: white wines - 2 to 3 years, red wines - 4 to 5 years. Filtration: we don't weaken our wines by filtering them.
The sediment which may appear in a bottle of our wine is not considered a defect.